Mobile Apps Development

Solutions for customer engagement, service and support .






We are experience in creating mobile apps in

Loyalty Program

Registration, point earned, redemption, customer support.


Multishop, multiple category, multiple sub-category, multiple item, multiple item pricing, payment gateway, .


Birthday privilege, promotional code, e-voucher distribution, discount.

Business Profile

Business profile, event notification


Native Apps

Developed specifically for one platform (IOS or Android). Full advantage to access device features such as camera, GPS, accelerometer, list of contact and so on.

Hybrid Apps

Web applications which build and viewed in native browser. It is developed by using HTML, CSS and javascript and wrapped with native application.

Web Launcher

A responsive website page which is launch on native web browser component.


Agile Methodology

This concept was developed under the premise software should not be developed on an assembly line, with each phase depending on the previous.

Agile development provides opportunities to assess the direction throughout the development lifecycle. That is, instead of software development teams only having one chance to get each aspect of a project right, they continually visit and revisit every aspect of development.

This approach to development effectively reduce time-to-market. This is because teams can develop software at the same time they’re gathering requirements. Agile development helps companies build the right product and preserves a product’s critical market relevance.


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